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Newsletter & Mailings

Authentic, precise, effective



Newsletter & Mailings


Target group oriented

Good newsletters are formulated to suit the target group, address the recipient at eye level and are authentic.


To the point

If you have to process countless e-mails a day, you don't want to read page-long newsletters. We formulate precisely, clearly and briefly.



Good newsletters and email campaigns pique the reader's interest and lead to valuable leads on your website.

Tips for the successful creation of newsletters and email campaigns

Added value before advertising

The most important rule when creating newsletters and mailings is: added value before advertising. Provide the recipient with relevant information on interesting topics, product news or developments.

Problem solving

Successful newsletters do not focus on your own company, but on the recipient. What problems do your customers have and how can you solve them?

Subject line

Your customers probably receive several newsletters a day - so your mailing needs to stand out from other newsletters in the subject line alone. Let your creativity run wild.

Awake interest

The introduction determines whether the newsletter has aroused the recipient's interest. Therefore, avoid a generic introduction. Use interesting facts, human stories or anecdotes for the introduction.


Especially on the web, the eye reads too. That's why it's important to have a clear, uncluttered structure with easy-to-read text blocks and a concluding call-to-action.

Active instead of passive

Make your text lively and fresh with active verbs. Formulate as simple paragraphs as possible without convoluted sentences.

Short and crisp

Brevity is the key - keep your message short, crisp and to the point. The reader will thank you for it.

No Spam

Avoid words or phrases that trigger spam filters in email programs. Avoid words like "free" or "gratis" and do not use exclamation marks in the subject line.

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