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Search Engine Advertising

More sales through targeted ads

Search Engine Advertising

Step by step to SEA success

More reach through targeted SEA campaigns


In the first step, we conduct a precise analysis of the competitive situation and target group. We recognize important keywords for your website, analyze the strategies of your competitors and identify your most important customers or target groups.

Target definition

In the second step, we work with you to define measurable goals that serve as the basis for subsequent success monitoring. Typical goals of an SEA campaign are, for example, the number of clicks or downloads on your website, the revenue generated by the ad campaign or the increase in the conversion rate.

Campaign strategy

Based on the analysis and the target definition, we develop a customized SEA strategy. We identify suitable ad types, define the most promising keywords and technically prepare the implementation of the campaign.


Now it's time to get serious: During the execution phase, we create the content for your campaign, build targeted landing pages on request, and place customer-oriented text and image ads on the most visited search engines such as Google or Bing.


In order to achieve sustainable and lasting success with the SEA campaign, it is necessary to continuously review the results and optimize the strategy. For this reason, we conduct regular performance analyses and put the SEA strategy to the test again and again. We keep you up to date with easy-to-understand reporting and fine-tune the finer points of the campaign.

SEA - an effective tool for high-turnover reach

Next to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is one of the most important and effective tools for increasing digital reach. While SEO measures primarily target the organic reach of the website, SEA offers the opportunity to target customers using text and image ads. These ads are placed in prominent positions in the search engine rankings and quickly and effectively lead to a noticeable increase in hits on your website. The decisive advantage is the effective customer approach: With intelligent control of the campaign, the ad is only displayed to those users who really have an interest in your product or service.

The advantages of targeted SEA campaigns at a glance:

  • Present ads exactly when users are looking for your offer
  • More sales through more website visitors
  • Full cost control through monthly adjustable budgets
  • Flexible handling
  • Full transparency through measurability and optimizationFlexible handling
  • Also suitable for small businesses and companies
Search Engine Advertising

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