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Digital reach through user-focused white papers


What makes white papers so effective?

Unlike any other content format, the whitepaper focuses on the added value of the content and not on advertising a specific product or service. With a whitepaper, you position your company as an expert in the market.


Prepare high-quality specialist content in an appealing way

The whitepaper is very much in vogue as a content format: according to a survey, 54 percent of content managers in industrial companies consider the whitepaper to be the most effective tool for communicating expertise.

In terms of content, whitepapers target industry-relevant, current topics. Typical whitepaper formats include:

Case Studies

The Case Study aims to provide the reader with a useful guide to a particular problem or issue through a real-world example.

Trends and Innovation

By commenting on and announcing trends and innovations in a white paper, companies can position themselves as pioneers and trailblazers in their industry.


Practical step-by-step instructions on specific issues give the reader a particularly high added value in terms of content.

Problem solving

The factual preparation of industry-specific challenges allows companies to position themselves and market their own products effectively.

Step by step to your own whitepaper

Target definition

What goal do you want to achieve with the white paper?

Choose a topic

Choose a topic that interests the industry. Trends & innovations as well as specific problems are recommended.

Content Creation

Create a visually appealing layout, choose a clear structure and deliver high-quality content.


Use your contacts to make potential customers aware of the whitepaper. Create an SEO landing page and place the whitepaper.


Keep a close eye on the whitepaper's lead performance. Revise your strategy if success is not forthcoming.

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